Frequnetly Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequnetly Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Where are the Measurement forms on your site?

A. The Measurement form download link is available right at the bottom of each page. You can download either Women Measurement form or Men Measurement form depending on your need. The other way to fill a measurement form is by adding your measurement via My Account after you have placed your order. Go to My Account > Order > Add/Edit Measurement Form

Q. What are the Payment options available?

A. Customer can purchase the product from the online store via PayPal and HDFC. Other way is to get somebody to make payment at our store with the help of your family members and friends.

Q. How do we receive our item? (Shipping)

A. Once the product is ordered and paid for by the client. We can ship the product to you via Courier or you can ask your friends or family member to collect it from store and sh ip it. If you need the product to be shipped at any address in India then we do provide FREE Shipping throughout INDIA.

Q. Why can I only make a MAX of $500 payment via PayPal per transaction? (ONLY FOR PAYPAL Transaction)

A. Our customer cannot send us a payment of more than $500 USD because that exceeds the per-transaction receiving limit for PayPal recipients in India. The limit applies to all payments from customers outside of India. At this time, the limit cannot be removed. This is to comply with the Reserve Bank of India guidelines and to enable you to receive and withdraw qualified payments.

Q. Can we Return or Exchange the Product if we don’t like it?

A. We do not do exchange or refund on custom made products once sold. If product in damaged condition/ manufacturing defect or wrong product received, Please write to us directly at [email protected], within 24hours of product receipt, we will try to our best. if you face any problem with the product. We will do our best to solve the issue.

Q. Is the Colour in the Picture 100% the same as product?

A. We try to match the image colours and the product colours to the nearest. But still depending upon the type of monitor and colour calibration setting of the monitor the changes are that the colour may vary on your computer. Please read the description of the product to get a clear idea of the product material and colour.

Q. I am not able to login to the MY Account section of the site?

A. In case you have forgotten your password, please try the forget password link. Enter your email id and we will send you a new password immediately. Once you login with the new password, we recommend that you change the password by going into My Account > Profiles > Change Password. Reset the password to whatever you prefer.